Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead (2012)

3.5 stars

I read all the books in the Vampire Academy series and enjoyed most of them, I then read Bloodlines and was interested to see how The Golden Lily would continue from it.

I didn't enjoy this book as much as Bloodlines but I still found it hard to do other things when I could be reading it. It follows the usual style of Mead's books with a lot of build up and sub-plots occurring before the last hundred or so pages when the action and resolution happens. I think the more of her books you read the easier it is to call the twist that she hints at early on, I found with this book I worked it out earlier than I would in most other books, usually stuff like that occurs to me right before it's revealed (or not at all and I startle people around me by exclaiming my surprise). My favourite character was Adrian, I loved him in the Vampire Academy series and in this series he is one of the few prominent characters, and I enjoy watching his character be examined thoughroughly and develop. The end set up for a very interesting next book which I think could be really good, I would recommend this series to anyone who likes paranormal YA fiction.

The book starts with Sydney being interviewed at the alchemists base about Keith, while there she sees a human prisoner who is chained up because he is determined to become strigoi, this reinforces in Sydney why she shouldn't get too close to vampires. She returns to Palm Springs amd talks to Sonya and Adrian about their experiments to try to find something that stops someone turning strigoi, Sonya thinks it would be useful to use some of Sydney's blood since the strigoi couldn't drink it and she complies. Sonya and Sydney are walking the streets together when they are attacked by men who want to decapitate Sonya as they think she's still a strigoi, Dimitri comes and saves them but after a few days Sonya goes missing. Sydney, using the help of Ms. Terwilliger creates a spell to find Sonya and discovers that the rumours of "vampire hunters" were real and that Trey is one of them. He manages to get Sydney into their compound to speak on behalf of Sonya before they execute her, and although her point is completely valid, they refuse to let Sonya go and are about to kill her when Dimitri, Eddie and a heap of other guardians break in to save Sonya. Sydney escapes out a back door and gets lost until Adrian finds her and they escape together, once home Adrian confesses his feelings for Sydney and kisses her. Although she enjoys it (and clearly loves him back) she denies it and tells him that her belief against vampires is too strong.

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