Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove - Lauren Kate (2009)

I read this book because my co-blogger lent it to me because we love Fallen, Torment, and Passion by Lauren Kate and thought this would be good as well. Assumptions were wrong.

The only character I liked in this book was J.B and he died after the first 100 pages. This book was written well, just the plot wasn't any good. It is a modern remake of Macbeth by Shakespeare, I read the plot summary of that before this book to know what to expect and after reading this book I thought it was just plain weird. On reading Mac's blog on this book I thought she was being a bit harsh, however after reading it I completely agree with her. If you want to read this book I suggest you give it a miss and read Fallen instead.

For plot summary; see Mac's previous blog.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Airman - Eoin Colfer (2008)

Although I've never read artemis fowl, I have read the supernaturalist and I really enjoyed that so when I saw this in an op shop for $2 I bought it.

I really enjoyed this book, although it was slow in places and talked a lot about the mechanics of aeroplanes, it had a nice story and it does that thing where it could be true but you're not sure. I really liked the character of Linus Wynter, who was always determined to stay optimistic even in the darkest times.

Conor Broekhart was born in a hot air balloon, leaving many people thinking he was born to fly. As he grows up with his best friend Isabella, he learns about the science of flight from his much loved teacher Victor Vigny with funding from King Nicholas, Isabella's father. However, when Conor is fourteen and he and his teacher are on the verge of being the first people to fly, Victor and King Nicholas are murdered by the evil Bonvilain. Conor witnesses this and Bonvilain then sends him to the little saltee prison and tells his family and Isabella, to whom he had just professed his love, that he died trying to protect them. However as a form of psychological torment, Bonvilain tells Conor that his family and friends hate him and think he killed the king. Eventually Conor breaks out of Little Saltee and saves Isabella and his parents from being poisoned by Bonvilain by building and flying the first plane in history. An adventure story with an emotional twist, if you liked Eoin Colfer's other works or any adventure type stories this is a book for you.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Before I Die - Jenny Downham (2007)

I've been looking out for this since I read Downham's second book You Against Me. It is written in  the same clear, distinctively British way. It is a story of a teenage girl with terminal leukaemia. Despite the morbid subject matter, it's honest and not overly sentimental which is what sets it apart.

I love this book. I don't cry much, but this had me in tears for thirty pages straight. I'd definitely recommend giving this novel a try. 

Tessa is a sixteen-year-old girl with terminal leukaemia. She has a list of things she wants to do before she dies. This includes; having sex, doing drugs, getting her parents back together, getting famous, falling in love and saying yes to everything for a whole day. Her illness and reckless behaviour is sending her dad into depression. Her friend Zooey helps her tick off things on her list, including finding her a guy to hook up with. When Zooey gets pregnant, Tessa adds a new thing to her list - seeing Zooey's baby. Then Tessa forms a relationship with her neighbour Adam, who helps her tick off doing drugs. She goes on the radio with help from her dad to get famous, but shocks the host when she talks about her list explicitly. She also finds her parents sleeping in the same bed which fulfils another of her aspirations. Adam and Tess get closer and end up falling in love. When Tessa gets very sick, she pushes Adam away for fear he is only around because he feels obligated. Adam doesn't leave and stays with her until the end.

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Replacement - Breanna Yovanoff (2010)

(I know...there's already a post about this, but I'm blogging about every novel I read and a second opinion can't hurt)

I quite liked this book. I loved the main character Mackie, and how he freely admits his inadequacies which makes him a really likeable and empathetic character. I'm also happy to read anything that reaches out of the paranormal genre. The premise was very different, though very convoluted and desultory. It's written in such a way that I really thought it was a translation, until I looked it up and found the author is American. So, extra points for originality.

Also the copy I read was the UK edition, but I love the American cover and how relevant it is to the subject matter. I'm yet to understand why they changed it.

Token of Darkness - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (2010)

This was on the flipside of Persistence of Memory. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes actually had her first novel published when she was fourteen. Her Kiesha'ra series was well-received, I haven't read it but I don't think Token of Darkness steps up to the mark in comparison.

I don't like this book. It's a personal thing, maybe I need to adjust to the author, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Cooper Blake nearly died in an accident a few months ago. Since then, a ghost named Samantha has been with him and he's the only person who can see her and help her find out who she was. A boy named Brent who is a telepath recognises the shadows and power around Cooper and briefly sees Samantha. He refers Cooper to his mentor, Ryan. But Ryan refuses to let Samantha into his residence. He claims there is no such things as ghosts and Samantha is one of the shadows and is trying to feed off Cooper and those around him. Cooper continues to believe in Samantha. A young sorcerer name Delilah who goes to Cooper's school tries to take Samantha's power for herself and is nearly killed in the process. Ryan is furious as his friend Margaret is brain-dead from trying the same thing. Delilah ends up in Margaret's body. Then Samantha takes Brent's body. It is revealed that Margaret made Samantha in the image of her sister with the energy she summoned. Finally, Cooper convinces her to take Margaret's body and return Brent to his own body.

Persistence of Memory - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (2008)

I bought this because it was like seven dollars. That's pretty much the only motivation. Surprise, surprise yet another of the YA paranormal genre.

I quite liked this, it's all right. The main character is intriguing, but I hate how the author named the male love interest Sassy. Can't say I recommend this, but if you love paranormal fiction, go for it.

A girl named Erin has been having schizophrenic episodes for most of her life. She's managed to find a cocktail of medications that allow her to suppress her violent alter-ego Shevaun and is trying to assimilate into full-time school. Turns out, Shevaun is actually not an alter-ego, but a 500-year-old vampire with a witch for a lover. When Erin wakes up in Shevaun's body, the witch Adjila discovers the connection between the pair and seeks to sever it.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Queen of Babble in the Big City - Meg Cabot (2007)

This is the sequel to Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot, and it was part of the omnibus that contained the first novel that I blogged about earlier today. Once again it is similar to all of Meg Cabot's other books that I've read, however it is still pretty good.

I enjoyed this book just as much as the previous one, however I didn't find the plot as interesting as the original. It is still written in Meg Cabot's humourous fashion I just found that the plot wasn't as good as the first novel, however if you enjoyed the first book you will enjoy the sequel.

Lizzie Nichols has moved to New York with her new boyfriend Luke and is now living with him. She gets a job after weeks of looking, at a wedding repair shop however she ends up working for free by accident. Because she doesn't have any money Chaz offers to put a word in for her at his father's law firm as a receptionist in the morning. During the rest of the novel Lizzie fantasises about marriage to Luke and convinces herself that he bought her a ring, obviously that fantasy goes horribly wrong and ends in a break-up. There are many other twists and turns in the novel but it ends up with a marriage proposal from Luke to Lizzie which goes unanswered as it is the last line in the novel. If you enjoyed the first novel you will ceratinly enjoy this one and I'm sure you'll be reading about the third book from me sooner or later.

Queen of Babble - Meg Cabot (2006)

I bought this book because Meg Cabot is one of my favourite authors and I have enjoyed many of her books, including the princess diaries, missing and size 12 is not fat. Fortunately I bought the omnibus of this and the sequel because it was only $9 at an Angus and Robertson closing down sale.

I enjoyed this book like I enjoy all of Meg Cabot's books, most tell the story of a girl, with some sort of individuality, that loves a boy who she thinks doesn't return her love and never would. This book is a nice light read with a happy ending (I love happy endings) and if you like Meg Cabot's other books or rom coms in general, you will enjoy this one.

Lizzie Nichols is going on a holiday to London to be with her long distance boyfriend, Andy, for the summer however once getting there she realises that Andy isn't very nice after all and just wants her for her money. As Lizzie has a non refundable ticket to return home after a month, she travels to France to spend the holiday with her best friend Shari who is staying with her boyfriend Chaz at his best friend Luke's vineyard. When she is on the train to France she meets a very nice American to whom she tells of all her recent troubles with Andy and who consoles her and is very kind to her, however little does she know that it's Luke, who owns the vineyard she is staying at. A humourous tale then follows which ends with Luke breaking up with his girlfriend so he can be with Lizzie. I personally enjoyed size 12 is not fat & size 14 is not fat either more than queen of babble as they had a little more meat to the storyline, but to each their own and I did still enjoy this book and would recommend it to any romantic comedy fans.

The Betrayal of Natalie Hargove - Lauren Kate (2009)

I bought this because I liked Lauren Kate's Fallen series. This is quite different to that series. It is not of the YA supernatural genre for starters. It is a rewrite on Shakespeare's Macbeth fast forward to the 21st century.

It's okay, I'm not a huge fan of this novel. I find it superficial and unrealistic. I kinda wanted to punch out Princess Natalie since page 5.

Natalie sits at the top of the social tier in her elite high school. She has great aspirations for her and her boyfriend Mike to be crowned Prince and Princess of Palmetto High. Only Natalie has a secret. She's no rich kid, her mum married into the wealthy side of town, before that she was garden variety trailer trash. Natalie and Mike go to a Mardi Gras party held by a friend. A boy named J.B who knew the pre-remarriage Natalie tries to confront her which she avoids. When Mike finds J.B drunk, they take him for a drive in Mike's car to sober him up. Then the couple decides on pulling a practical joke. Natalie ties J.B to the church sign, in his full Mardi Gras costume. She finds a bottle of pills on J.B, which she takes to minimise the harm on his reputation. The next day J.B is found dead, he needed that medication. Mike panics, and Natalie remains calm. The pair wins the Prince and Princess, but Natalie has a breakdown. She tries to run away and leaves a note for Mike by the waterfall where they always hang out. Only Mike finds her there and tries to stop her leaving. He pushes her too hard by accident and she falls to her death. Her death is treated as a tragedy and Mike is nowhere to be found.

April Fool's Day - Bryce Courtenay (1993)

This book has been sitting in the family library since before I was born. There is not enough words to describe how much I love this book. It is a tribute to Courtenay's son Damon  - a haemophiliac who died as a result of contracting HIV in a blood transfusion. The title refers to the day of Damon's death in 1991. Courtenay made a promise to his dying son to write this book, and as a result it is brutally honest and raw. I put off reading it (mistake on my part) since it is such a huge book (666 pages to be exact.) Damon tried to write the book himself, without completion. It includes chapters written by Damon himself, Damon's partner Celeste, his mother and quotes from his brothers.

If you want a good read, read this book. I loved it so much, it was disappointing to finish it. It's not difficult to read, and challenging to put down. It holds a lot of truth and some things that will shock you. Now I'm going to have to devour all the rest of Courtenay's novels.

This is the story of Damon. Bryce Courtenay is the author and Damon's father. It tells of Damon's childhood, and his determination and perseverance to brave his haemophilia through all the pain and still love life. It isn't supposed to be a sob story about AIDS, but it shows the life that Damon managed to live despite all his challenges and the strength of love in his relationship with his partner Celeste. At seventeen he contracted HIV thorough a transfusion. Years later, this developed into AIDS, and he lost all immune barriers and was constantly getting sick. His family are pillars of strength and the fortitude shown by Damon is remarkable.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini (2011)

I bought this book at dymocks because I saw it on a recently released display and I thought it looked interesting. It turns out it was a pretty good decision.

I loved this book so much that I hate the author for not having the sequel released yet. It may have many similarities to twilight and other books of the genre, but it was still an excellent read with some nice humour and an interesting plotline that has me so excited for the sequel. It makes me really sad that it doesn't come out until May next year.

The story starts with Helen, a girl who lives in Nantucket and has always known she can do things that others can't, and her best friend Claire who has always just accepted her. They learn of a new family that is moving to Nantucket, the Delos family, who are famous around town for their wealth and good looks and although everyone on the island is excited to see them, Helen gets angry and grumpy when they are mentioned. When she first sees Lucas, one of the five Delos children, in the school hallway, she immediately attacks him to try to kill him. She gets attacked by a stranger a few weeks later and the Delos family fight them off for her, she runs away but then hears them catching up to her so she starts to fly by accident and in mid-air she realised what has happened and faints in the middle of the sky. Lucas catches her right before she hits the ground and breaks her fall and they lie together all night in the hole they've formed by crashing into the ground. When they wake, Helen realises the crying women urging them to kill each other are gone, and starts to fall in love with Lucas, she also becomes close with the Delos family and learns that she, like them, is a demigod. As the story continues Helen and Lucas fall further in love, however cannot be together as it will cause a war of epic proportions, soon Helen's mother Daphne, returns to keep Helen away from the Delos family and ends up telling her that she and Lucas are first cousins and can never be together, even though it is not true. A massive battle follows, in which many complicated things happen which are hard to explain if you haven't read the entire book, which I strongly recommend any people that enjoy this kind of fantasy/sci-fi genre do. Overall I thought this was a fantastic book and I would recommend it to people that enjoy complicated fantasy/sci-fi stories.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy (1877)

This was one of the hundred free books that came with my ereader, and last year when I was in Sydney and finished both my books I decided to read this as everyone tells me its a classic and is pretty amazing. It has taken me so long to read it because I found it so boring and hard to read so I read all my other books that I wanted to read before I finished it.

I can understand why this book is a classic, however I wouldn't recommend it to anyone these days unless they had nothing to read and a spare couple months to read it. I can see how it was so controversial in the time period it was written in, and why it became so popular, however I find Tolstoy's habit of putting thoughts in quotation marks confusing, as I never can tell if the character is speaking or thinking. I thought Anna Karenina was very annoying, and only continued reading the book for Levin's storyline.

This book follows two main characters, Anna Karenina and Konstantin Levin, over a number of years. From the very start of the book Levin wants to marry Kitty and he proposes to her at the end of the first part of the novel, however Kitty refuses as she is waiting for a proposal from Vronsky, who she has been spending time with and is in love with. Vronsky does not propose to Kitty, because he has met Anna Karenina, and has fallen into deep love and infatuation with her even though she is already married and has a child. Kitty is heartbroken when Vronsky doesn't propose to her and she falls ill becuase of it. Anna tries to refuse and ignore Vronsky's attention, however after spending time with him, she realises that she doesn't love her husband and never has and succumbs to Vronsky's charm. Anna tells her husband of her affair with Vronsky and he tells her to break it off and they can continue as if it had never happened. Anna becomes pregnant with Vronsky's child and continues her affair with him against her husbands wishes, then has his daughter, Anna, who her husband becomes attatched to. Anna's husband refuses to give her a divorce, and tells her that if she leaves she must leave her son, which she does even though it breaks her heart. Kitty then returns from abroad and meets Levin once again and after a discussion of the past they decide to get married. Kitty soon becomes pregnant and gives birth to Levin's son, Mitya, whom he does not love straight away. Anna does not love her daughter at all, she misses her son and is only staying in this terrible situation because of her love of Vronsky, however she soon becomes jealous and paranoid about Vronsky being with other women, even though he loves her more than anything. This paranoia and depression soon consumes Anna and she commits suicide by throwing herself under a train. Vronsky is then overwhelmed with grief after Anna's death and decides to volunteer to go to a rebel war in Serbia, and Levin finds his faith and realises that he loves his son. Overall this is a good book, but could be written in five hundred pages rather than one thousand, as there is way too much uneccessary political debates in the book that aren't relevant anymore, I'm glad I read it, however there are more interesting books that I would read instead of it.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff (2010)

I bought this book at the same 40% off sale at borders that I bought bittersweet and this is a very different kind of novel to it. At first I thought it was yet another vampire novel, however after reading the recommendations by Maggie Stiefvater and Lauren Kate I decided to give it a chance. It turned out not to be a vampire novel, but an eerie science fiction novel that is very different to others in its genre.

Although it's not the best science fiction novel, it is still certainly worth a read. The Replacement is Brenna Yovanoff's first novel and I look forward to furture books by her to see her more of her quirky imagination and confusing writing style.SPOILER ALERT
This story follows Mackie Doyle in the town of Gentry where a baby will die every seven years and everyone just ingnores it. Every seven years a baby is taken from its crib and a replacement left in its place to die, Mackie Doyle is a replacement who survived because of the love of his sister, Emma. However as replacements are allergic to iron, blood and consecrated ground, Mackie is doomed and dying until the Morrigan helps him in exchange for him working for her. Mackie soon falls in love with Tate, a girl who's baby sister has just died, however Tate doesn't ignore it as she knows it was a replacement that died not her sister. Mackie soon goes to find Tate's little sister and decides to save her from being killed, which he does with the help of his three best friends and his sister. Overall this is a good book with an interesting plot and I would recommend it to any twilight fans.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Safe Harbour - Danielle Steel (2003)

I picked this one up at Vinnie's. Danielle Steel is a renowned romance writer. I've also read Sisters and Full Circle, both of which I loved to pieces but this book does not meet the same standards. It doesn't let you relate to the characters well or have an especially compelling storyline.

So, not going to recommend this book, but I still like the author. It isn't badly written  - just predictable. If you want something easy to tide you over or a beach read then go for it.

This is the story of a widow and her daughter, whose husband and bipolar son have just died in a plane crash. The widow Ophelie, struggles to move on  and her daughter Pip has to cope with her own grief and the loss of her mother. They stay at a beach house where Pip wanders the beach while her mother cries all day. Pip befriends a man called Matt and walks to talk to him on the beach every day. When Ophelie finds out she immediately assumes he is a paedophile. Eventually her friend Andrea and Pip convince her of Matt's good heart. Pip and Ophelie return home and form a fast friendship with Matt. Ophelie denies any potential of a relationship with Matt as she still feels married to her husband. Matt is divorced and his ex-wife told him that their two kids no longer want to hear from him. Ophelie finds meaning in volunteering at an outreach centre and working nights helping homeless people on the street. Then Ophelie finds a note in her husband's old coat. It is from Andrea, asking him to leave Ophelie as Andrea is pregnant with his baby, who is now a year old. Ophelie sinks back into depression and cuts Andrea out of their life. Matt's son turns up, and tells him his mother told them that Matt stopped caring not the other way around. Ophelie, Pip, Matt and Matt's two kids, go to the snow together, where Matt kisses Ophelie. Then while working, Ophelie is shot. She nearly dies and then in her hospital room, Matt proposes. Ophelie accepts and the pair get married.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New recruit

The below post is from the new co-blogger. We figured this way, we cover double the content and we get less bias.

Bittersweet - Melanie La'Brooy (2010)

I bought this book because there was a 40% off sale at borders because it was closing down. There wasn"t much left by the time I got there but this appealled to me because it was one of the top 50 books you can't out down" and that proved true. I read all 450 pages in one day, needing to know how every twist was resolved.

I would definitely recommend this book to any woman, it is written wonderfully, has many surpises and secrets in the plotline and to make me enjoy it and relate to it even more it is set in Australia. It is a family drama and romantic novel, however not in the kissy gushy way that you get sick of after a sentence, it's in a subtle way that makes you want to know what happens next. However the family drama is definitely the more prominent and better theme of the novel.

The story follows the journey of two sisters, Sabrina and Mimi Falks who have had a fight at their mothers funeral two years ago and have not spoken since. Now Sabrina, an Australian soap opera actress, is getting married and has to hire Mimi as her maid of honour. As the novel continues we discover about their dad; a drinker who beat Sabrina, about Mimi; a binge drinker herself, and about Sabrina; who has had anorexia since their terrible childhood and now as a consequence was infertile. Along with those main plot twists there are many more minor ones that occur almost every chapter in the last half of the book. Mixed in with all this family drama and hidden secrets is a lovely romance between Mimi and Nate, the best man, which, although predictable, is lovely and keeps my interest the whole way through the story. Overall, I think this is a good book if you like family drama and romance and is a nice holiday read.

Monday, 4 July 2011

You Against Me - Jenny Downham (2010)

I bought this because I won a gift voucher and I thought it looked like a good read. It was put on display at the store and after reading the blurb its purchase was an easy decision. Jenny Downham previously wrote another novel - Before I Die - which received considerable acclaim. After reading You Against Me I'm going to be on the lookout for a copy of Before I Die.

I really like this book. It presents a choice that anyone would struggle with, and makes the reader question what they would do in the same situation. 

The two main characters are Ellie, a girl whose brother is charged with rape and Mikey, a boy whose sister claims she was raped. Ellie was the only other person around when her brother Tom allegedly rapes Mikey's sister Karyn. Mikey and Karyn live in a housing estate and their mother is an alcoholic whereas Ellie and Tom are quite well-off. Ellie is plagued  with guilt as she tells the police she was asleep that night, when actually she has a very good idea of what occurred. Mikey wants revenge on the boy who has left his sister unable to leave the house. At Tom's bail party, Mikey and his friends gatecrash with the plan to gather information about Tom to get to him. The problem is, Mikey mets and likes Ellie and messes up the plan. Mikey and Ellie begin a relationship, but then Ellie finds out who he really is. She is under a lot of pressure from her parents to make sure that Tom gets off. Then she confesses to Mikey that she thinks Tom did rape Ellie and changes her statement but in doing so is alienated from her father and betrays her brother. This brings a lot of closure for Karyn and peace for Mikey and Ellie. 

Saturday, 2 July 2011

City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare (2011)

I read this on recommendation from my boyfriend who lent me the series. This is the fourth in an intended trilogy which is becoming a hexology. It is yet another from the paranormal genre, but it is topping my list for this genre at the moment. Like the previous novel I blogged about its focal characters are Nephilim or part-angels. Though in this series you also stumble across vampires, werewolves and fey. 

This book (and its prequels) all definitely get my tick of approval. It also has mutual appeal for guys and girls. I think we can safely attribute this to the clever balance between romance and fantasy. 

Strangely all the books I've read recently have or are going to have movie/TV adaptations. This series is no exception. An American movie company has announced that they are going into production on a Mortal Instruments film, based on City of Bones with Scott Stewart directingLily Collins has been cast as Clarissa Fray and Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland.
In the preceding book, Clary and Jace have realised they are not brother and sister and their relationship can go ahead. But Jace is distancing himself from Clary, because he is being plagued with dreams in which he kills Clary. Jocelyn and Luke are getting married. Simon is dating Maia and Isabelle simultaneously whilst avoiding telling his mother that he is a vampire.  Shadowhunters are being found brutally murdered and the Clave investigates. Simon is propostitioned to join a vampire alliance, since he is untouchable due to his Mark of Cain.He is attacked several times, each resulting in the vanqusinshing of his attacker. He moves in with a werewolf named Jordan, who is Maia's ex-boyfriend who bit and turned her. Simon bites his band's only fan, Maureen, but Jordan manages to stop him. She is kidnapped, and ransomed as his girlfriend. When Simon checks on Clary, Maia and Isabelle he is at ease. Then a vampiric Maureen leads him away to Lilith, the creator of all demons. She has Sebastian, who is suspended between life and death. Since his resurrection. Lilith has been controlling Jace , who appears with a blade at Clary's throat. If Simon gives his blood to Sebastian, he will live and Clary is the bargaining chip. But Clary slits the rune that binds Jace to Lilith and he is regained. A fight ensues, and as Lilith is about to stab Clary, Simon slides in between the pair and the Mark of Cain kills Lilith. All seems to work out well, until they all leave Jace alone with Sebastian. Jace's rune heals and Sebastian beckons him. 

Friday, 1 July 2011

Passion - Lauren Kate (2011)

I bought this as soon as I could, there's nothing I anticipate more than a good sequel. I don't know if you've noticed, but by walking into the young adult section of just about any book-store, you are confronted with a realm of paranormal fiction. I personally hand all credit to Ms Meyer. I've tried a good chunk of this genre, and this series is one of my favourites. It's about a fallen angel, Daniel who is cursed to fall in love with the soul of mortal Lucinda Price for eternity. Only thing is, she can't live past seventeen, and he has to watch her die countless times over millennia.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone (well any girl) who loves a good romance with a supernatural twist. It's nothing like Twilight, so don't even try to use that as an excuse not to read this great series.

And to add to the excitement, The Fallen Series has been optioned by Disney. (The storyline is quite dark at times, so this will be interesting...) Some rumours surrounding casting include Aussie Liam Hemsworth as Daniel. The screenplay is being written as I write this and the author Lauren Kate is consulting.

At the end of the second book (Torment), Luce climbs into an Announcer in order to time-travel and find a way to end the curse. In Passion she jumps back in time with a guide, visiting various forms of herself and Daniel. Daniel follows Luce, chasing her through their past lives. Luce also tries her hand at cleaving, that is binding with her past self to experience their life with Daniel. It turns out that her "guide" is actually Satan, who is trying to convince Luce to set Daniel free and then Daniel will finally choose evil over good, but Luce meets Daniel and all of those thoughts are erased. Daniel decides to go back to their first relationship, but is tricked by Satan and is taken to Heaven where he made his choice, not good or evil, but love. Satan's back-up plan is to erase all time, including all the discoveries that Luce has made and this is where the novel ends.